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The Moshulu's private dining rooms and outdoor decks take full advantage of the unparalleled views of the city and waterfront. The multi-level decks offer a glorious open-air experience. There are many dining and entertaining options on the Moshulu. Private parties can be arranged in various settings-at the exclusive chef's table, in one of the two private rooms off of the main dining room, at the Captain's table under the skylight in full view of the lighted masts, or on one of our outdoor decks.

Our private party portfolio has been developed to give you a point of reference. We offer a wide variety of menu items to satisfy every palette. Using this as a starting point we handle every affair on a personal level. Please feel free to contact me for any reason, and I look forward to planning your party.

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    Designing Your Special Wedding ~ Occasion Cake Flavor Suggestions
    Vanilla Sponge, Lemon Sponge, Chocolate Sponge, Chocolate Chip Pound, Vanilla Pound, Devil’s Food, Marble Sponge, Carrot, Hazelnut Genoise

    Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Orange-Grand Marnier, Raspberry, Strawberry, Coffee-Cappuccino

    Vanilla Butter cream, Chocolate Butter cream, Hazelnut Butter cream, Coffee Butter cream, Rolled Fondant, Cream Cheese

    The Classic Cake
    Vanilla Genoise filled with White Chocolate Mousse and Fresh Raspberries

    The Chocolate Cake
    Devil’s Food Cake filled with a Dark Chocolate Mousse

    Le Fraisier
    Vanilla Genoise filled with Fresh Strawberries and a Mousseline Cream

    Our cakes vary between $4.00 - $8.00 per guest, depending on the complexity of the cake

    We welcome you to supply our representative with your favorite wedding cake picture