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There is a great need for a rabbi who can reach out to Christian and Jew alike I am
that rabbi, for two of my children have chosen to marry non-Jewish partners. In
addition, I am resource person for an outreach support group for parents of children who are in Interfaith marriages. I understand the needs of the couples as well as their parents.
When I meet with couples, I speak as a rabbi, counselor, husband of fifty years, father, and

My mission is to minister to couples through love and acceptance, to teach tolerance
through understanding of their joint needs, and minister to them with compassion
during premarital counseling as well as later on, if needed.

To my way of thinking, God has no identity crisis; people do and that is the main
impediment to productive ecumenical relations and Interfaith marriages that last.
To understand my interaction with Interfaith couples I have married, please click on "Accolades."

As a rabbi, I have served many people over the past several years in Drug and Alcohol
Counseling. I have also done Pastoral Counseling, including hospital visitations, Chaplaincy
in prisons and helping people through Life-Cycle events - whenever and wherever I am needed.

My rabbinic education placed great emphasis on spiritual and emotional outreach to
couples and familiarity with other religions and cultures.

I hold a B.A. in Pre-Law Business Administration/Modern Foreign Languages/Voice. My
M.A. is in the Humanities (French and Voice). My Ph.D. is in French Literature, from the
Sorbonne (Paris).

I have a wide range of interests, including Philosophy, Religion, Music, Travel, Biography,
History and Languages.

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