Rabbi Richard Allen will officiate at Interfaith Marriage and Traditional Jewish Marriage Ceremonies, Nondenominational and Civil Marriage Ceremonies.

Interfaith Marriage - Marriage between Christian and Jew has become more and more accepted over the past twenty years. I have been called upon to conduct Marriage Counseling, to be a Marriage Counselor and Advisor and to officiate at the resultant Interfaith Marriage Ceremony. Thus I list the following:

Interfaith Marriage Ceremonies which are Personalized and Meaningful.

Close Attention to Your Needs is the Hallmark of my Interfaith Marriage Ceremonies.
Of the Interfaith Marriage Ceremonies where I officiate, the percentage of Catholic/Jewish Marriage Ceremonies is an astonishing 97%. To see how I interact Click Here
Interfaith Marriage Ceremonies to serve the Unaffiliated
Marriage Vows: Couples often ask me for help in writing their own.
An Interfaith Ketubah (Marriage Document) is often requested. I help Interfaith couples with choosing an Interfaith Ketubah and its wording.
Interfaith Wedding Couples always ask me to sing the traditional Seven Blessings at their Wedding Ceremonies. 
While primarily serving New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, I have officiated at Interfaith Weddings throughout North America and Europe.
For further information on the services I provide, please click my "FAQ's."

Interfaith Weddings, Jewish Weddings, Non-denominational weddings
Officer and Founding Member,
International Federation of Rabbis 

Rabbi Richard Allen - Jewish, Civil & Nondenominational Weddings - Traditional Jewish weddings
Richard Allen, traditional marriage, civil marriages, nondenominational marriage

Benefit from my forty years of experience as a Marriage Counselor and Officiant.
I am the only Rabbi in the United States who had a successful, International Operatic Career for twenty-two years. Details
Marriage Counseling to all couples is an area of expertise to which I am devoted.

I have written and conducted Interfaith Marriage ceremonies, bilingually, in English and French, Italian, Spanish and German. I have traveled to Europe to conduct Interfaith Marriages in these languages.

Interfaith Weddings, Traditional Jewish Weddings Nondenominational and Civil Marriage Ceremonies
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Interfaith Weddings
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