You brilliantly wrote a beautiful, warm service, incorporating all the important traditions of the Jewish and Filipino faiths.

Our guests raved about your voice and eloquent delivery of the service. You brought significance and meaning to the customs of our religions. The ceremony flowed beautifully; it's was personal and genuine.

Linda Russ

To this day, we continue to hear from our guests that the ceremony was the most beautiful they have seen. One of our guests asked to borrow our video so he could show the ceremony to his fiancée and her mother as an example of the kind of ceremony he wants at his wedding

Nimia and Ron

I was concerned that because you were a Rabbi, this would be the case, but I could not have been more wrong. In fact, I was impressed by your extensive knowledge of the Catholic religion and all religions.
    Your deep and resonant singing of the Seven Benedictions will stay with us always. I may not understand Hebrew, but I do understand the beauty of the language and how you sang the benedictions with such emotion.

Barbara and Craig Millman

Rabbi, you really did touch me. You also gave us a lot to think about and showed us some areas upon which we need to work. There can be nothing but the bettering of our relationship coming out of even our short session yesterday. We are both so happy you are going to be part of our lives forever.

Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey E. Jacobs




We are very grateful for the time you spent in preparing our ceremony because we know that you put a lot of time and heart into preparing our ceremony. It was unique to have it in both English and Spanish. Your Spanish is very good. Everybody was surprised and impressed at the wedding of your great pronunciation.
    You did a great job and we are sure that we just had the best ceremony someone can ever dream of.

Best wishes,
Gaby and Michael

You well surpassed our expectations for having a personal and romantic ceremony!
    You mixed just the right amounts of religion, faith and love, while interjecting such personal touches that made the ceremony truly ours!

Shalom - Gina Buchalter Otis and Kevin Otis

Most of the French did not speak English. Most of the Americans did not speak French.  One of our greatest concerns was finding someone who could preside at our ceremony, express the sentiments important to us, and do so in a way that would be inclusive for all the people dear to us.

The May 2003 ceremony at the chateau in France, where your tone and spirit helped to bring together our two families -- even where they could not speak the same language. We know the day brought joy to both our families gathered together beneath our huppah and we will cherish those memories.

"In planning the wedding ceremony of which I was a part, Rabbi Allen showed great sensitivity to my faith community. I found him most affable, a superb cantor, and a delight to work with."

Rev. William B. Kauffman,
Catholic priest



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