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Weddings and Wedding Receptions at the Kimberton Inn, Kimberton, PA
Kimberton Inn, Kimberton, PA.
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Wedding by water wheelWe would always encourage you to call or visit us so that we can speak to you personally about your wedding reception search. Conversation still seems to be the best way to start the information process. That aside, the basics are as follows:
(For information on our facilities for receptions and rehearsal dinners click here.)
We do one wedding per day. We never do multiple weddings.
The complete redecoration of our largest party room has been completed. We think that you will find it to be an absolutely beautiful, warm and inviting space. It's maximum is 125 guests. New pictures of the room will be up on this site some time in the very near future. Until that time, do not hesitate to come over and look at the room in person.
You may start the reception any time you like, up to and including 4:00 p.m. and there is no reasonable time limit as to how long you may stay.
We serve the same food at receptions that we serve in our restaurant and at sit-down meals, we offer guests three choices of entrees from which they choose the day of the reception. You do not need to pre-order. Guests order their meal from a menu that is on the table when they sit down, the day of your party.
We take a very personalized approach to wedding planning, This does NOT mean that we charge more than anybody else. It simply means that we take time with you so that we can learn from you and so you can learn from us. We do not typically just drop a packet of information in the mail. We ask you some questions. You ask us some. We listen, You listen. We think together. Then we come up with a plan for your reception. The wedding industry calls this plan "a package." We describe the plan thoroughly. You look it over. You change it in any way that you wish. We put a price on the plan that includes all the things that you will likely need.....and none of the things that you will likely not need. Then, we are partners. We will help you in any way that you can think of and....probably in many ways that you have never thought of. We want you to love your reception!
We offer many "packages" but the typical reception this year costs between $125.00-$135.00 per person depending upon what entree is chosen by each guest. (Prices are $5.00 per person higher in December) Our price always includes:
  1. One hour of premium open bar and hors d'oeuvres prior to dinner.
  2. A champagne toast for everyone.
  3. A complete dinner including an appetizer, mixed green salad, a choice of entrees, fresh vegetables and potatoes, and warm bread and butter.
  4. Wine and beer are poured continuously from the time the appetizer is placed on the table through the time the entree is served, and for about 15 minutes after that.
  5. A really wonderful wedding cake that is made from scratch and decorated with fresh flowers. There are seven flavor choices and many decoration styles. You choose. We serve the cake with Haagen-Dazs ice cream and top the cake and ice cream with fresh berries, hot fudge sauce, butterscotch......or whatever you like, in the attempt to have the cake function beautifully as dessert.
  6. Two hours of premium bar served after dinner. (And you can extend the bar if you wish.)
  7. Really nice flowers on all the tables. You pick the flowers and the colors.
  8. All taxes and tips are included. We do not surprise you with "add-ons" or extra costs down the road.
Room Minimums - We do have room minimums on Saturdays. They vary with the month and the time of the year. Minimums are typically lower on Fridays and Sundays.
If we are in a price range that works for you, please call Jeff Effgen at The Inn. Our number is 610-933-8148. Our email is

Wedding Facilities
We have three private rooms available for wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners . See the information on the large Colonial Room, the medium size Balcony, and the intimate Wine Cellar on our Dining Rooms page and view many photos in our Photo Album's Interior section.


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Chester Country Weddings at the Kimberton Inn, Kimberton, Pennsylvania.
Chester County Weddings, the Kimberton Inn's kitchen has long been reknowened for it's cuisine. Wedding Receptions are treated to the same great dining as can be found in the restaurant. Quaint and antique, found in country setting with a pond, stream and water wheel.
Chester County Weddings, Main Line Reception, Philadelphia Weddings, Bride, Groom, Catering, Unique Location.