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Y ou are planning your wedding and one of the most romantic and visually inspiring of all traditions is the releasing of white doves.

T he use of doves at weddings can be traced to ancient Greek and Roman times when doves were a gift to the groom from the bride. In biblical passages, the appearance of the white dove came to symbolize purity, fidelity, and love.

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T hroughout history, doves have been important to our culture, from bearing the olive branch to Noah's Ark, to modern day opening celebrations of the Olympic Games. Doves as we know them today have been with us for thousands of years. There are many species of doves--the ones we know commonly are the mouring dove, blue dove, turtle-dove, and rock dove. The early Greeks and Romans domesticated the rock dove and used them as carriers of messages and communication. They worshipped them for the apparent affection that they show to one another. Building their nest together, they mate for life! And like many couples today they take turns caring for their youngsters with the father and the mother taking turns sitting on the eggs. These traits have endeared them to us, with an established place in romantic literature and art.

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I, Carl Bingler, of Doves For Love, have been raising doves for more than twenty-six years. Five years ago I was asked to release white doves at a niece's wedding. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular effect, especially the bride and groom. With twenty-six years experience caring for and training the birds, and the perfectionist that I am, more requests for dove releases soon began and grew into a unique service.

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B eautiful white doves play a key role in a festive wedding celebration. I arrive an hour before the wedding ceremony with a beautifully adorned flowered birdcage with the two pure white doves, so the wedding guests can admire them as they arrive.

T he most popular time to release the doves is after the ceremony, when the bride and groom are introduced, or as they exit the church. A "cue" for the release of the birds will be arranged well in advance. The photographer and videographer will also be made aware of this "cue". The doves can be released by hand or from the birdcage. There is a brief verse read by someone close to the couple and then the doves are released by the couple to everyone's delight. The doves will soar skyward, and circle side by side producing a beautiful and memorable sight.

T his elegant and graceful bird has powerful wings for a swift flight, up to fifty miles per hour. The most frequently asked question is "Where do the doves go"? With the help of professional training and natures gift of instinct and ability, they return safely to their home loft. Dove releases usually consist of at least two doves, a flock, or a combination of both. The cost of releases varies depending upon style of presentation offered. Keep in mind that you are paying for services of a professional that will spend many hours training the birds, delivering them, and then supervising their performance at your wedding. A professional with Doves For Love will guide you all the way.

I t is important to realize that the smaller doves associated with magicians are never used because they are poor flyers, and have no homing instinct. Because of environmental concerns, releasing white doves is a classic alternative to releasing balloons or throwing rice. Silhouetted against the skyline, they represent the love and union of the bride and groom and add to the excitement of a memorable wedding celebration. Indeed, a beautiful memory for life!

D oves For Love, also belongs to a nationwide network of dove releasing companies, from the East Coast to Hawaii. Ask about your special location.

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Toll Free: 1-888-DOVES-4-LOVE (1-888-368-3745)

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